He Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear

Paleontology is a sort of a timeline of our planet’s evolution. And the Museum of the World Ocean encourages its guests to “page through” this amazing “book”: its words are, of course, paleontological samples. They make up sentences and sentences shape a text. We are glad to present a new chapter devoted to the mosasaurus, an ancient reptile. This was a huge creature reaching 15-17-metre long. It can stun not only by its size but hearing as well. The thing is that its middle ear bone is very small, just 8-10 cm but still it allowed good orientation by ear at any depth including the deep-sea.

This bone on a display is 90 million years old! A tympanic membrane was attached to one side of the bone (an external part of the head) and another side transmitted mechanical vibrations to an auditory analyzer of the brain via inner ear parts. It is important to mention this artifact is a
paleontological rarity and only 2-3 bones of the kind have been found on the territory of Russia. Moreover, the exhibition at Depth features two more intriguing objects: a reconstructed prognathodon skull (life-size) and a small reconstruction of the mosasaurus hoffmanni.

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