This Is How It Is Possible To Reach for the Stars

People made all kinds of experiments to be able to fly! They invented so many things! Thirst for the sky is reflected in myths and legends. e.g., about Icarus. The greatest minds struggled for the concept of flight. Thousands of years went by and only in 1783 the wish to ascend to the clouds came true. The Montgolfier brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne achieved humanity’s dream and built the first air balloon named after the inventors – the montgolfier. So, starting from June 5, 1783, people kept flying to the sky. Over the centuries we have forgotten how the things started. Modern airplanes have erased memories of the first aircraft and the people who risked to set off to the first journey in the air. But the museum is the very place where it is possible to turn time back, travel centuries in the past and see the balloon created by the famous French. A small but very “airy” and beautiful exhibition This Is How It Is Possible To Reach for the Stars is displayed on the first floor at the permanent exhibition Depth. The air balloon model (1:24), the Montgolfier brothers’ portraits and the first “pilots” as well as diverse artifacts present an amazing story of conquering the sky by human and much more.

The exhibition tells about the first “aviators” and who paved the way to the stars.

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