To Reserve Shores of Kamchatka

The Museum of the World Ocean invites you to travel to Kamchatka shores. Today, in the age of hi-tech and smart gadgets, impressions and emotions are probably the most precious things. We draw them from beauty, breathtaking discoveries and journeys. The museum is a unique place where even one single exhibition can give an opportunity to travel.

Kamchatka... This corner on the planet is the most desired place for a trip but the most difficult of access as well. Those who were lucky to visit it become its adherents forever and try to return to this fairy-tale area.

The Museum of the World Ocean invites you to the magic land of geysers and volcanoes that is in the list of 25 top amazing places on the planet tourists should visit in 2020 by National Geographic magazine. Almost thirty pictures taken by professional photographers will give you an unforgettable encounter with nature and fauna of the Komandorsky Nature Reserve and Kronotsky Nature Reserve. Most probably, visitors have never seen a sperm-whale, killer whales and a humpback whale so close in natural environment!

Photographs will make you feel a part of this thrilling world of wild nature and learn who the Baird's beaked whale is, how the Kuril harbour seals look like and that the tufted puffin is a very cute bird but not a sort of a muffin. More mind-blowing facts are waiting for you at the exhibition “To Reserve Shores of Kamchatka”.

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