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Lodejny Shipyard

The museum complex Lodejny Shipyard is located on the territory near the Friedrichsburg Gate. It was opened on October 10, 2012. Various national boats are presented here: a Kizhi boat from Karelia built by craftsmen who know all the stitching methods to a nicety; a Chukchi baidara that has been used by the peoples of Chukchi Peninsula, American Arctic and Greenland since the ancient time; a Dedinovo dug-out of people inhabiting settlement along the Oka river; a birch bark boat, a small and light boat made from specially processed and stitched birch bark, aimed at one person; German pleasure boat; Finnish and Norwegian boats.
The exposition of the Lodejny Shipyard will be enlarged by new boats.
Restoration of archeological findings is also practiced in the Lodejny Shipyard as well as reconstruction of historical ships in accordance with old techniques.


Curonian fishermen’s sailing boat of the XVI century or a kurenas was the first museum’s large-scale project for revival of historical ships. The kurenas was solemnly launched on May 24, 2012.
This historical boat was built by the Museum of the World Ocean with the participation of specialists from Pelikan shipyard, students of Baltic Shipbuilding Technical School, students of A. Pervozvanny Cadet Corps and pupils of Marine Club of the secondary school in Pionersky.
The project was financed not only by the state. The Museum of the World Ocean was lucky to win a grant in the IV Competition for Social and Cultural Projects organized by OJSC LUKoil in Kaliningrad region. The competition has been held by LUKoil-Kaliningradmorneft Ltd. since 2008 and the Museum of the World Ocean was a winner for several times.
The length of the boat is 10 m, the breadth is 2.7 m and the displacement is 3 t. Up to 4-5 fishermen can sail on this boat. Tourism is the main purpose of the boat. In September, 2012 the beautiful kurenas took part in the Water Assembly Festival, a big city holiday held by the Museum of the World Ocean.
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