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The Maritime Art Gallery

Along with the unique ethnographic exhibition People of the Sea occupying a central place at the Maritime Exhibition Centre and, of course, the dominant of the whole exhibition space, it is important to note the neighbouring Maritime Art Gallery.

The main feature of the gallery is that it is focused on seascape paintings since keeping, study and promotion of art heritage devoted to the sea takes important place among activities of the Museum of the World Ocean.

The gallery actively cooperates with national and foreign artists and collectors resulting in impressive exhibition projects. The first highlight event in the new art space’s life was an exhibition by artist A.Krasilshchikov Around the World on the Krusenstern. The core of the works displayed at the exhibition was created during two plein-airs around the worldon board the training ship Krusensternfollowing the 1995—1996 and 2005—2006 expedition routes.

IMGL0235 compressedIn June 2016, the gallery hosted a linocut exhibition by honoured artist of the RF A. Shevchenko The Land of Real People from I.Kirikov’s private collection devoted to the 70th jubilee of the Kaliningrad Oblast. The exhibition featured 37 pictures created in 1959 to 2015. The sea was a special topic to the artist: these are people of marine professions and seascapes that imprinted the beauty of the Baltic coastline.

In August 2016, the art gallery hosted Coastal Motifs, a personal exhibition of paintings from I.Kirikov’s private collection by famous Lithuanian artist Arvidas Kashauskas. This international project became a striking event in the culture life of the two countries – Russia and Lithuania. The opening ceremony was attended by the Representative Office of MFA of Russia in Kaliningradand Consul General of the Republic of Lithuania.

In autumn 2016, A.Levashova’s solo exhibition The Ocean of Dream featuring over 60 suibokuga Japanese ink paintings she created throughout recent ten years as well as objects of museum restoration was opened at the gallery.

Besides dynamic exhibition activity, the Maritime Art Gallery hosts diverse workshops with famous painters, meet-the-artist events, presentations, lectures on national and foreign seascape painting as well as international plein-airs.

Plans for the future comprise exhibitions from holdings of Russian and foreign museums, solo exhibitions of paintings, graphics, sculptures and handicraft; events devoted to significant dates and highlights in the art life of Russia such as I.Aivazovsky’s200th jubilee and a lot of other. A separate point should be made about the programme for study and promotion of marine art heritage within a historical context: the museum is going to continue implementing projects devoted to seascape artists, national and European classical nautical fiction writers as well as representatives of its diverse trends and national schools; navigators-artists, participants of expeditions and group members of art colonies. On this aspect, the gallery space is a convenient platform to hold conferences, seminars and lectures. 

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