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Museum Tours




Dear colleagues! We welcome tourist groups to the museum and offer exclusive guided-tours!


Following Maritime Expeditions’ Routes (guided-tour on the research vessel Vityaz)

You will take a trip to the age of the Great Geographic Discoveries; see faraway lands through the eyes of medieval seafarers, artists, and scholars; follow the expedition routes of four Russian ships under the name of Vityaz; familiarise with the history of ocean studies.


Journey at the Bottom of the Sea (guided-tour to the ship’s hold)

Descending into the ship’s hold, you will learn about exploration of the ocean depths and the work of undersea archaeologists, peep into the Beebe-Barton bathysphere, step on board of Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s famed Calypso, and take a virtual dive into the Mariana Trench.


Ship’s Heart (guided-tour to the ship’s engine room)

Walking this route you get into the ship’s heart, go through all the levels of the engine room and see the engine by KRUPP built in 1939. You can even go to the propeller shaft tunnel!


Space Odyssey (guided-tour on the scientific-research vessel Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev)

The excursion will introduce you to the history of space exploration, a constellation of eminent Russian cosmonauts, and international space programmes. You have an opportunity to see cinema footage of man’s first flight to space and get to know about the fate of this country’s legendary space fleet.


From the History of Submarine Fleet of Russia (guided-tour on the submarine B-413)

Finding yourself inside the compartments of a real sub, you will be surprised how limited the living space of undersea sailors is. The compartments are crammed to the utmost with instruments and devices used for control over submarine motion, its diving and surfacing, and its weapons. Take your chance to visit the conning tower and have a glimpse of the city through the periscope!


Pioneers of Oceanic Fishing (guided-tour on the fishing trawler SRT-129)

The excursion tells about the heroic labour of fishermen, the genesis and development of fishery in Kaliningrad region and the country as a whole.


World of the Ocean. A Touch… (guided-tour in the main museum building)

You will discover the wondrous world of tropical sea inhabitants, meet face-to-face with sharks and piranhas, and make it to an enigmatic coral reef.


Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad (guided-tour in the ex-storehouse)

The exposition is devoted to the maritime history of the city. In the centre of the exposition is an archaeological find The XIX Century Ship, a link between the past and the future. The unique articles, maps, ship models, and paintings serve to reveal the nautical essence of the old city which is looking into the future with confidence.


Grand Embassy (guided-tour in the Koenig Gate)

This is an excursion about the emergence and development of the fortress city, visits to Koenigsberg by prominent figures and the Grand Embassy of Peter the Great, origination of Russian diplomacy in these parts, the embassies and consulates, and long-standing links between this land and Russia. Displayed on the first floor is a collection of XIII–XIX century bricks found during excavations on the site of the Koenigsberg Castle whose construction marked the town’s history starting point over seven and a half centuries ago.


Ship’s Revival (guided-tour in the Friedrichsburg Gate and Lodja Shipyard)

The exposition in the Friedrichsburg Fort tells about the rich historical experience of shipbuilding and navigation in Russia. By the XVII–XVIII centuries there was a traditional school for unique boat in every Russian region. The sailing fleet of Russia was developed during the Petrine epoch. It was he who made Russia a marine power.


Evening guided-tour The Gate to the History and visit to the Koenig and Friedrichsburg Gates

Route: the Koenig Gate-Frunze Street-Leninsky Avenue-Moskovsky Avenue-General Butkov Street-double-level bridge-Portovaya Street-the Friedrichsburg Gate

Programme in the Koenig Gate: 20 min; vocal or music concert: 30 min.

Programme in the Friedrichsburg Gate: guided-tour with interactive elements.

The Koenig Gate was built in 1859. The project was led by Ernst Ludwig von Aster, lieutenant general of engineer troops, the building part – by fon Breese, general. The gate has got Tudor style or English Neogothic style. The façades were decorated by the famous craftsmen: Friedrich August Stüler, architect, and Wilhelm Ludwig Sturmer, sculptor. Since 1910, the defense belt had been gradually passed to civil administration who had transformed it into a park zone till the 1930s. At the same time a part of banks, bastions and gates that prevented from developing the infrastructure were disassembled. The gate was restored in 2005.

The Fort Friedrichsburg was built in 1657 by the order of Frederick of Brandenburg, the Prince Elector, on the left bank of the river Pregol. There was a commandant's office, quarters, warehouses, a jail, a church, a brewery and a bakery inside the fort. In 1852, a brick gate was built on the place of a wooden one. The inscription Fort Friedrichsburg appeared above the entry arch. By the XX century the gate had lost its main purpose – to protect citizens. After liquidation of the fort in 1916 the gate was preserved as an architectural monument. It was restored in 2011.


The evening guided-tour is available by the request only (group of 15 persons at least). A transport is not available.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 7:30p.m.-10p.m.
To make a request, please, call: 007.4012.34.02.11 and 007.4012.53.17.44


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