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Shores by Vladimir Tsikin

618048712The exhibition of dry pastel works is timed to the author’s jubilee. These sky, sea and dunes could look like this thousands of years ago or maybe the authors shows us the far away future. His shores are not just a border between the ground and the sea but home for those coming back from long voyages.  Shoresexhibitionisawishtoimmortalize the time.


Through the Three Oceans with Thor Heyerdahl

Museum of the World Ocean invites you to the new exhibition devoted to the 100th anniversary of Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer. The exhibition is presented by the amazing pictures telling the story about Thor’s life and work and his contribution to science. Moreover, you can see boat models of the legendary Kon-Tiki raft and reed boats he used to sail in the Oceans. The materials for the exhibition were provided by the Kon-Tiki museum in Oslo, Norway.

Face to Face with Reptiles

Snake exhibition was opened on Feb 21. Visitors can enjoy watching these magnificent reptiles from Feb 22 to May 30 in Museum of the World Ocean in Packhaus exhibition hall. There are 17 animals presented and a green tree python, one of the rarest reptiles from Australia. Guests can also touch and take pictures with the snakes as well as get to know lots of interesting facts about them.

Laboratory of Beauty

Garrra-rufaMuseum of the World Ocean invites you to the amazing exhibition that was opened in September in Packgauz exhibition hall. Its idea is to try to show and prove that the sea is a source for beauty and health. Here a visitor can get to know all the aspects of health and beauty care that are linked to the sea such as climate, mineral elements, sea inhabitants, etc.

The most fascinating part of the exhibition is fish named Garra rufa. A visitor is welcome to experience fish-spa and then relax in a beach basket listening to the sounds of the sea.

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