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Peterhof – the Sea Capital of the Emperors


The  Museum of the World Ocean invites to the exhibition "Peterhof - the Sea Capital of the Emperors".

More than 100 items, which for the first time leaves the walls of the State Museum "Peterhof", will tell the amazing story of the naval victories of the Russian Empire, the role of the sea and the Navy in various spheres of life of the imperial residence - from the official ideology to private life and upbringing of children. The exhibition will be a unique chronicle of the maritime history of the country. It is targeted at the widest audience for visitors interested in national history and peculiarities of Russian naval glory.

Peterhof, located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, was always perceived as a seaside residence of Russian emperors. Here was taken serious political decisions related to the development of the Russian Navy and the approval of Russia as a naval power. Representatives of the Romanov dynasty specially came here for a summer vacation "at sea".

Guests can explore objects from the Petrine era: it is a silver model of the boat of Peter I, Peter the Great's skipper dress (copy), models of sculptures, marine equipment from the palace "Mon Plaisir" (telescope, compass), the picturesque "Marina" end of the XVII century, embodying the first Russian art collection - a collection of Peter the Great. The era of Catherine the Great - A key exhibit of this period - uniform dress of Catherine II, modeled on the naval uniform, which will be presented on the background of the panorama of Chesmensky Hall of the Grand Peterhof Palace. Also in this part of the exhibition - a formal portrait of the Empress, a clock with a bust of Catherine II as Minerva, and marine accessories that time.

In addition, the exhibition will "go" in the sea of the Emperor's study of the late XIX century - books, writing set, nautical instruments and paintings by Aivazovsky (favorite artist of Emperor Nicholas I).

Presented at the exhibition are also items related to the history of the imperial yacht: family swimming and official receptions, diplomatic arrives by sea of heads of state have been an integral part of the lives of Peterhof second half of XIX - early XX century. Key items - models imperial yacht "Alexandria" and "Polar Star", porcelain services for yachts "Alexandria" and "Power".

Genuine dress of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, a baby sailor dress, marine theme toys, and books give a complete picture of the lifestyle in the northern seaside residence.

It should be noted that the exhibition is accompanied by a set of multimedia programs. Programs are designed to give the visitor in Kaliningrad a broader view on the existence of Peterhof as maritime and imperial residence and the life of a modern Museum. In particular, it will be submitted to the multimedia information and entertainment system "Grand Peterhof Palace." It's fascinating and understandable form introduces the major milestones of 300-year history of the Grand Peterhof Palace.

The exhibition is a wonderful gift to Kaliningrad in the year of the 25th anniversary of the Museum of the World Ocean and help with new vigor to feel part of the vast country and its rich cultural heritage.


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