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Silicic Souls exhibition in Olszhtyn (Poland)

Silicic Souls exhibition by Oleg Kozhanov, Kaliningrad artist, was opened on September 5 in the Olsztyn Planetarium (Poland) within the cultural cooperation between Olsztyn Planetarium and Museum of the World Ocean.

The exhibition moves visitors a thousand years in the future and can change one’s mind about the reality. Mysterious future world was created by Alexey Kozhanov, Kaliningrad artist. Today the author is famous worldwide as a concept artist of Prometheus science fiction film by 20th  Century FOX.

Silicic Souls exhibition is something special, something that shows development of humankind from an unexpected angle. The images of this unbelievable World were created by combination of various digital techniques in such a way that they look like photographs made by the author. The works tell the legend about striking progress of the Humankind in areas linked to transformation of biological structures, about how artificial silicic souls are getting father and father from people but still keep dreaming on Miracle.

The exhibition consists of 21 original prints, 3D sketches, slides to watch in 3D glasses and two videos (a trailer for Prometheus movie and an abstract of a documentary about filming).

Mr. Jacek Szhubiakovsky, Director of the Olsztyn Planetarium, expressed his sincere gratitude for organizers of the exhibition and noted that joint projects between the cultural institutions are long-term and regular ones.

The exhibition works till December 5.

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