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The Arctic Reveals Its World

Museum of the World Ocean invites you to the opening of a new exhibition on July 18 at 16:00. You will not stay indifferent after visiting this exhibition: about 150 photographs by authors worldwide will show amazing and unbelievable beauty of the Arctic. The works took part in the Global Arctic Awards International Photo Competition.
The competition was organized by true fans; authors dealing with north and arctic photography from 40 countries worldwide took part in the competition during two years.

The purpose of the project is to show the variety of life in the North and the Arctic, their history, culture, way of life and centuries-old traditions of native peoples, richness of animal world and environment as well as to draw attention to problems of the Arctic. The contest’s motto is “Photographers of the World are for the Clean Arctic!” Forty-two medals and twelve ribbons of international associations were awarded to participants. Worldwide famous professional photographers from Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Austria, Sweden and Great Britain were on the jury.

Sergey Anisimov, Yamal photographer, and the Government of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug were the organizers of the photo competition.  National Geographic was a general partner.  RGO, UNESCO, WWF, IFAW and many other companies were partners.

Global Arctic Awards International Photo Competition got accreditation in the following international photographic societies:
PSA-  (The Photographic Society of America)
UPI - (United Photographers International)
FIAP-  (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique')
RPS - (The Royal Photographic Society, Great Britain)

Works by professional photographers from 21 countries worldwide recognized as the best specialists are presented at the exhibition.

Sergey Anisimov is going to make a workshop and tell about photography in difficult conditions of the North.

You can have an opportunity to see the beauty of the Arctic as it is in real!


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