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Sea Colours


unnamedunnamed 1Museum of the World Ocean invites you to Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad exhibition hall. Here, on the first floor you can visit Sea Colours exhibition. It is an exhibition of works by teachers and students of art schools. They took part in the International Plein-air held by the OCEANiA project. Children and then adults spent several days on the Baltic Spit. They enjoyed nature and learnt how changeable the sea is as well as about our attitude to this amazing reserve. This event resulted in the works made in different techniques. There are 70 drawing and paintings at the exhibition. And all these pictures are devoted to the sea. Watercolours, oils, pastel and acrylic – all these paints became a tool for artists of different ages to depict great beauty of the Baltic Sea and its coast to a visitor. The exhibition is full of light and touching especially in the children’s drawings where you can see young artists’ naivety and sincerity. But the most important is that they managed to depict the main topic, the soul of the Baltic Sea.




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