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From the White Sea to the Black Sea


O March 25 (Friday) at 1 p.m., a photo project “From the White Sea to the Black Sea” is opened at “Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad” exhibition hall of the Museum of the World Ocean. The exhibition comprises over 100 photographs made during the trip along the waterways in Russia: from the Solovetsky Islands to Sebastopol. Liberty.SU yacht photo expedition uniting 19 photographers from various cities started in 2013 and finished in 2014. They met many people on their way and learnt numerous stories that have been depicted in their photographs – everyday life and personal stories of people of various age, professions, social strata who life on the shoreline. The photographers highlighted the scale of hydraulic structures, rivers, seas and lakes as well as the identity of various nationalities and ethnic groups who live along the waterways in Russia. The pictures show how they take care of water and land ecology, how they preserve natural and cultural heritage. The works by Oleg Klimov are the core of the exhibition. He cooperates with “Ogoniok”, “Time”, “Izvestia”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “The Times”, “Washington Post”, etc. During the expedition Oleg was not only a photographer but a captain of the yacht “Freelancer” the project participants sailed on. 

When the expedition was over, the photographers officially underlined that “it was not easy for our ancestors to explore rivers; they went to the sea and demonstrated the necessity of exploring new territories. At the present moment, it was not easy for us – documentary photographers who just tell stories about the people living near water and about the country where you live”.


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