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The Winter’s Tale in the Museum



The Museum of the World Ocean, the Doll Club and the designer’s workshop invite you to the Mansard in Packgaus exhibition hall. Here, under the roof, you will find a very fairy-tale exhibition. Doll designers from Kaliningrad oblast have created an amazing world that will bring you joy and some magic.

Artists presented their works in a new viewpoint – these are not just toys for kids but art objects of high quality. The dolls show various emotions and feelings. They work true wonders and tell absorbing winter’s tale asking you to be its character. Creation of each doll is a complex and laborious task combining various kinds of art since designers work as artists, decorators, stylists, sculptors and sometimes as architects.

Dolls are not just designers’ hobby but their way of life. A doll cannot be created in a hurry. It takes weeks and months to complete its image and let it want to be “born” and see the world with its naive doll’s eyes. Each doll is unique and there are no two similar ones. But a visitor can move to a doll’s kingdom and their childhood as well as order a doll for themselves. Maybe you would like to create your own fairy-tale character, though? 

The works at the exhibition were created by Oksana Sviderskaya (Polessk), Irina Zhevako (Zelenogradsk), Anastasia Fomina and Ekaterina Nikiforova (Pionersk), Svetlana Klein (Baltijsk), Alla Ladik, Elena Orlova, Oksana Sakharova, Albina Leonenko, Elena Lavrik, Natalya Samoylova and Valentina Nikiforova (Kaliningrad).

See you on the Mansard in Packgaus. Visit the magic doll’s world and you are sure to move to a fairy-tale!



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