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Sholokhov’s World in the Museum of the World Ocean


The Museum of the World Ocean and M. Sholokhov State Museum Reserve present “Sholokhov’s World” exhibition in the Year of Literature. The exhibition is devoted to the history of his works and the Cossacks. On June 19-August 2, visitors can get to know the Cossacks’ belongings of the XIX and XX centuries. They can see what men and women used to wear, what a Cossack needed when he was on service, what tools and many other things they used.
War was a life style for the Cossacks. This topic is revealed in the exposition where military uniform, war decorations – evidence of the Cossacks’ military glory who were on service and their deeds for “the Faith, the Tsar and the Motherland”– soldiers’ photographs, popular prints, and graphics by illustrators are presented.
The second part of the exhibition is devoted to the history of the Cossacks in the XX century described in Sholokhov’s books. The novel “And Quiet Flows the Don” takes a central place as the most significant book in the author’s career (State Prize (1941) and Nobel Prize (1965)). Here you can get to know the history of the novel, the epoch Sholokhov’s heroes lived and difficult author’s struggle for publication.
There are some unique objects at the exhibition: the desk “And Quiet Flows the Don” and “Virgin Soil Upturned” were created, books from Sholokhov’s library, papers and documents as well as personal belongings.
There are over 300 exhibits displayed at the exposition.


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