Smuggler’s Treasures


The Museum of the World Ocean and the State Darwin Museum present a joint exhibition – ‘Smugglers Treasures’.

Unfortunately, illegal rare animals trade is still the most profitable shady business. According to Interpol, smuggling wild animals, birds and plants generates a $6-9 million turnover a year. The last pristine corners of wild nature all around the word are devastated for meat, skins, leather, perfume ingredients, medicines, and adornments as well as for breeding exotic pets. The rarer a species is, the higher a price is and the more animals are exterminated.

The exhibition ‘Smuggler’s Treasures’ ruins the myths about the ugly business. We hope, visitors will never favour rare animal smuggling, consciously or unconsciously.

The exhibition is coming soon at the exhibition hall Packgaus (Petra Velikogo Embankment, 5).


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