Weapons of Forgotten Eras at Koenig Gate


A new exhibition of the Museum of the World Ocean ‘Weapons of Forgotten Eras’ features historic cold weapons (axes, spears, maces, bludgeons, halberds) from Vladimir Gushchyan’s private collection.

Over 20 exhibits tell about the peoples used to inhabit the present-day territory of Russia and Europe. As well, they show what weapons were applied by Vikings, Prussians, Curonians, etc. The oldest artifact is 1,000 years old (10 th century) and the newest one – the Teuton axe – is dated the 16th century. Guests learn the history of weapons, their modifications and production techniques. They can compare weapons of different countries and peoples. All the artifacts are original and restored. The exhibition ‘Weapons of Forgotten Eras’ is for fans of weapon history, archeology, culture history of the present-day Europe and Russia.

The exhibition is on at the Koenig Gate from March 19 to late June, 2021.


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