Prussian Cat Week 2021

Spring is coming and the Prussian Cat, a keeper of keys at the Koenig Gate, invites his kinsmen to a traditional Prussian Cat Week 2021 held on
March 3 to 13, 2021.

The previous year was hard and made us spend many hours in a lockdown. We travelled virtually: looked through photo albums, watched videos and TV, read books. Let cats who drop at the Prussian Cat’s this year tell us about their journeys. We are happy to announce a topic of the Prussian Cat Week 2021 – Cats-Travelers. We invite diverse cats to the exhibition, such as knitted, sewn, sculptures and created of different materials (only 3D works) by participants of various age. Due to limited display area, we accept one work per one author and up to five works from children’s creative teams. Family teams are also welcome!

The best works will be selected by voting and then awarded.
Closure and award ceremonies take place on 13 March 2021 at 13.00.
Please, bring your articles to the Koenig Gate on 20 to 27 February (11.00-18.30), on February 25 (12.00-19.00).
Days-off: Mon & Tue.
Address: 112 Frunze Street, Kaliningrad
Please, call: +7.4012.58.12.72.

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