World Space Week at the Museum of the World Ocean


Early October is not only the period of yellow leaves and last warm days but it is also the time when we are closer to the stars. Haven’t you noticed this? But it’s true, this is when World Space Week takes place – at the beginning of the second autumn month. The week begins on October 4 and the Museum of the World Ocean traditionally invites you to reveal the secrets of the Universe. This week guests of the museum are going to take part in “space” quests, workshops, tours and quizzes. If you have dreamt of launching a rocket into space, you should go to the museum, too. There is Zapadniy cosmodrome here.

Captivating lessons at the planetarium will reveal the secrets of Ursa Major, Orion, Cygnus and many other constellations and on board the vessel Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev you will learn how cosmonauts live on the ISS as well as get to know about the flights of the fellow townsmen cosmonauts, the history of the “space” tie; see a captain’s bridge of the last “Star Flotilla” vessel and walk along the decks.

Moreover, follow the museum’s social nets. Every day, on October 4 to 10, there will be a question about the stars and their conquerors and this is a chance to win a prize from the museum (awarded individually). The most active followers will take part in a quiz for a special “space prize” at the end of the week. Please, remember, that theoretically you can get gifts every day during the whole space week. So, good luck and OFF WE GO!

Please, book your lessons at the planetarium via phone 007 (4012) 53-17-44


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