R/V Vityaz: Renovation Continues

Everyone, who visited the legendary ship of science, the first and key attraction of the Museum of the World Ocean, the staff calls “the museum’s heart” – the R/V Vityaz – in the recent days, could notice something unusual: how ship’s decks were being repaired. It allowed to estimate how much effort was necessary to preserve ships of cultural heritage. The time has come to refresh a deck on the Vityaz since it was repaired at the dry dock of the Svetliy Shipyard in 2019. The old flooring has served for ten years with a five-year guarantee. The works are carried out at the meteorological platform; it will be covered with a wood-polymer composite planking. This material has been already applied at a certain part of the deck and proved itself durable. As well, it is planned to mount a shed and a canopy at the meteorological terrace as it used to be during the ship’s research life.

The total area is almost 700 m², comprising the aft and bow (pinewood here), the boat deck and the radio & amp; meteo rooms. Changes are also coming in the ship’s crew saloon: a deck here will be replaced, too. Carefully and gently, to enjoy the refreshment in the future, the museum staff disassembled a permanent exhibition of over hundred items, displayed at once the jolliest and noisiest hall on the Vityaz, where crewmembers used to spend their free time and have lunch. Dishware of the Vityaz era (second half of the 20th century) and music instruments, the main of which is the 1940 H.F.Flemming piano, a constant participant of voyages on the ship of science, are among the exhibits. The Vityaz crew’s life is described in publications made by participants of the expeditions, a ship’s route map, keepsakes from far-away countries and a copy of the wall newspaper compiled by the 65th research expedition. The works are performed within the project “Two ships — common sea. Soldek and Vityaz: maritime heritage of Poland and Russia”, Russia-Poland cross-border cooperation programme 2014—2020, co-financed by the European Union and the Russian Federation.

It should be noted, the Vityaz is going to be available for visiting as far as possible during the repairs. The deck will be re-covered step by step. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and will keep you informed about any shifts in the opening hours.

Guided tour service: shifts

Dear guests!

Guided tour services at the Museum of the World Ocean have been changed due to the epidemic situation. Guided tours are organized for tourist
groups upon a prior request only. For self-tours we recommend to use an audio guide, which is available:

  • at the exhibition Depth (at the tour organizer’s desk, main building);
  • at the R/V Vityaz (at the ship’s watch booth).

An audio guide costs 100 roubles, please, purchase the service at a museum ticket office. An audio guide for the submarine B-413 is included in the admission ticket. Bus tours ‘The Way to the Sea’ (Kaliningrad-Svetlogorsk) and ‘The Way to the Lighthouse’ (Kaliningrad-Zalivino) as well as complex tours ‘Following Peter the Great’ and ‘The City by the River’ are temporarily suspended.

We kindly ask you to follow the sanitary rules to prevent COVID-19 spreading. We hope for your understanding and wish you a good time! Take care!

Romance of the Sea

The Russian Art Centre is opening the exhibition ‘Romance of the Sea. Paintings by Russian and German Artists of the 19th Century’. Visitors will enjoy original works of art, created by professors and postgraduates of the Kunstakademie Königsberg and the Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg.

The academies appeared within a century of each other. Their key goal was to raise professional masters and trends were set by the academic style. Students were sent to Italy and Switzerland to broaden their knowledge and enrich the palette. There young talents manifested most
striking facets of their talents via canvases. Created abroad, the works by students – future great painters – let curators display examples of perfect art of the 19 th century at one site. The canvases at the exhibition are linked by, of course, the many-sided sea, which is a source for inspiration, knowledge and spiritual strength.

The exhibition features works from the Russian Art Centre’s depository, including art by the outstanding Russian seascape painter Ivan Aivazovsky, the virtuosic landscape artist Julius Klever; professors of the Kunstakademie Königsberg Maximilian Schmidt, August Berendsen and many others. As well, it is worth mentioning a special element of the exhibition – a unique architectural concept for the Packgaus exhibition hall. The site, where the exhibition is displayed, imitates a deck of an old ship, setting off to the sea, thus creating unparalleled atmosphere of sea voyages.

The exhibition is on at Packgaus from July 9 to September 6, 2021.

New Dive into ‘Wild Underwater World’ The Museum of the World Ocean has prepared a new amazing dive to the Wild Underwater World for World Ocean Day. From June 5, a new exhibition project will be presented in the most mysterious and uncommon places of the


The Museum of the World Ocean has prepared a new amazing dive to the Wild Underwater World for World Ocean Day.

From June 5, a new exhibition project will be presented in the most mysterious and uncommon places of the museum
– in the hold of the legendary R/V Vityaz from June 5.

Underwater photographers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Sweden, Germany, Philippines and Thailand present over 100 new underwater photographs taken in diverse seas and oceans, lakes and rivers within the 6th Underwater Photography Festival ‘Wild Underwater World’. Besides prize-winners of prestigious Russian and international contests, beginners also take part in the exhibition. The festival’s goal is to show a fascinating beauty of
the underwater world and its amazing inhabitants.

Rays, floating in water, and hypnotizing fish whirls, “cosmic” jellyfish and curious skeleton shrimps, an “armed to the teeth” crocodile and magnificent whales, peculiar nudibranchs and a living carpet of undersea “flowers” – actiniae, sponges and corals… One can enjoy this extraterrestrial beauty for ages!

Each photograph contains great talent and hard work. In order to capture sea dwellers’ life, authors have to carry an aqualung and 15-kilo photo equipment, struggle with currents, encounter stinging jellyfish, man-eater sharks and other dangerous deep-sea creatures. And, please, believe, not every sea inhabitant wants to “sit for a photograph”. However, the result was worth hours-waiting: the ocean slowly and little by little unveils its secrets and shows a thrilling
beauty of the underwater world.

The exhibition is on from June 6 to September 12. Visiting is upon request only. Tel. +7-4012-53-17-44.


New: Graffiti ‘Sea Port’ at Museum Embankment


The Museum of the World Ocean is presenting a new open-air project – ‘Sea Port’ graffiti – in honor of the 75 th anniversary of the Kaliningrad region. The painting will be made on the façade of Packgaus housing the permanent exhibition ‘Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad’ devoted to the history of the port city and regional shipbuilding development. The 180-m² graffiti will appear on the north side facing Bagramyan Street.

According to authors, the picture will be a mix of constructivism and modern street art. The artists’ team leader is Andris Slapiņš. He worked in Moscow, made projects for the Kaliningrad Zoo and Kalininart festival. The opening is planned on April 20.


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