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You can contribute to the museum collection!


The Museum of the World Ocean invites you to contribute to a collection of audio-, video- and photo-devices. Have you got old gramophones, portable gramophones, reel-to-reel recorders and radio-gramophones as well as video- and photo- cameras? If you have, you can give them to the museum and record your name in the list of personal gratitude forever. You can also take part in making a collection of old equipment and devices that belong to other various categories.

You can become a participant of the history since a gift to the museum is a new page in a big book your descendents will read!

Please, contact us: 007.4012. 53.05.47.


Laboratories of The Planet Ocean

The Museum of the World Ocean invites you to The Laboratories of The Planet Ocean exhibition. It is a unique opportunity to get to know the future expositions in the new museum building to be opened in 2018.
Exhibits correspond with the concept of the laboratories and show what visitors of The Planet Ocean can see and try there.
There are six laboratories planned in The Planet Ocean museum building.
The Earth Laboratory will tell about the history of our planet, its structure and the earth's crust formation. Here you can get to know about drift continents, oasises on the seabed, etc.
The Life Laboratory will present amazing encounters with sea inhabitants and the history of biopoiesis and evolution.
The Water Laboratory will reveal the secrets of this fascinating liquid and The Air Laboratory will help you to understand the processes both in hydrosphere and atmosphere.  
The Space Laboratory will answer the question whether there is life on Mars. Guests can visit exploratorium, see stars in the sky and make voyage through time.
The Beauty Laboratory will be a terminal station of the tour around The Planet Ocean. Here you will find various leisure elements: view terrace, art exhibitions, thalassotherapy, water sampling, etc.
That is how the new museum building will look like in several years. And at the present moment every guest can peep at half-open door at The Laboratories of the Planet Ocean exhibition to get know the future laboratories and other interesting new things.

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