A Study of the Reseacher

A memorial exhibition devoted to the 90 th anniversary of Rudolf Abramov (1929-2016), marine meteorologist, who had worked at the Atlantic Branch of the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS for 52 years, was opened at Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad exhibition hall.

The exhibition A Study of the Researcher features books by Rudolf Abramov, his archives and historic
artifacts as well as reveals his profound personality and many-sided interests. His most striking and fruitful period in life is the participation in oceanographic expeditions where he studied sea currents with messages in the bottle, made hourly observations, put notes in the diary and drew sketches in the album. Later, these notes became a basis for his popular science books.

He was a full member of the Geographical Society of the USSR (from 1964), a Candidate of Geographic Sciences (from 1967); in 1966 to 2000, he took part in dozens of research expeditions on board the Soviet and Russian research vessels: Akademik Kurchatov, Dmitrii Mendeleev, Akademik Mstislav Keldysh and Professor Shtokman. He supervised the ‘Atlas of Recurrence of Cloud Systems Over the Tropical Atlantic’ (1973). The researcher was awarded the Honorary Diploma by the Russian Geographical Society for his ‘Atlas of Temperatures of the Atlantic Energy Active Zones’ (1996). He became one of the first members of the Vityaz’s Friends Club (1989) and made daily observations of weather and water conditions on board the museum vessel (1995—2016). From the mid-1990s in the summertime, he monitored the Baltic Spit, managed to introduce such monitoring at a biological station in Rybachii (Curonian Spit) and now and then made observations of Cape Severnii (Russian: northern) near the Vistula Lagoon.

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