The Three Seas. Connecting Shores

The Museum of the World Ocean invites to a make a fascinating trip along the shores of the Black, Azov and Baltic Sea without leaving Kaliningrad. And amazing Natalya Efremenko’s works will help you.

The artist was born far from the sea, in Berezniki (Perm Oblast, Russia). That time she hardly thought sea wide would inspire her to create a whole number of landscapes and images. However, her removal to Kaliningrad has changed a lot and uncurled a new line in her creativity. The major part of works presented at Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad is a brilliant result of pleinairs on the coast of the Black, Azov and Baltic Sea.

The characters of the art works are not only water and coasts but also people living by the sea. As well, the exhibition features sketches where the artist depicted lakes, rivers, lagoons and even ponds in Leningrad and Kaliningrad Oblast, Poland and Crimea. Over 50 pictures are going to take you on a trip from the South to West and you will see the three seas at once.

About the author
Natalya Efremenko (Lazareva) was born in Berezniki in 1978.  In 1997, she graduated from the Art College as an artist of decorative painting on metal, wood and cloth; in 2006 – the Ural State Professional Training University as an interior designer. Combining her day job with art wall painting, Efremenko worked as a designer in printing art and interior design. She moved to Kaliningrad in 2010. Efremenko is an active participant of exhibitions and plein-airs in Kaliningrad Oblast, Crimea and Poland.

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