The Colour of the Sea

The Museum of the World Ocean invites you to look at the sea through a camera lens and see its diverse colours. Together with Anastasia Radyuk, author of the new exhibition The Colour of the Sea, you can make a fascinating travel along the Northern Sea Route, the Barents, Kara and Laptev Sea. You wouldn’t believe but the seas differ from each other like ice and fire.

It is easy to make sure about it at the congress hall of the Main Museum Building: over thirty works will present both the beauty of sea sunrises and sunsets from a ship, shore or at a port and how the seas differ by their colours of water. The tints of seawater are influenced by many things: time of the day, weather and even an angle. Sometimes several seconds are enough to alter the sea. Surprisingly, but it is so intriguing to watch these changes – they charm.

Dear guests, you have got a great opportunity to look into the deep and see all the colours of the sea!

About the author

Anastasia Radyuk graduated with honours from the Kaliningrad State Technical University (Faculty of Shipbuilding and Power Engineering). Radyuk worked on research and studies for two years; on graduation, she spent six months undergoing a training course as an engineer (operator) on the atomic icebreakers Vaigach and Taimyr in the Arctic; made a voyage along the Northern Sea Route. In early 2018, she was awarded Grand Prix at the competition “Homeport Kaliningrad”. In autumn 2018, Radyuk made a voyage on the bark Sedov as a PR manager of the Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet. At the moment, she is a media expert at the Kaliningrad Maritime Fishing College. In February 2019, Radyuk organized her first photo exhibition at the Kaliningrad Maritime Fishing College timed to the college’s birthday. Besides photography, Anastasia is interested in literature as well: she writes poems and novels, attends Graphite poetry club as its member.

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