The Mammoth Returns in Winter



The last year was fruitful in respect of the museum collections – they were enlarged with new exhibitions and valuable gifts. The museum depository had acquired several precious exhibits at once: Koenigsberg wooden water pipes, boat models of the German artillery ship Drache (scale 1:40) andartifacts from the yacht Eira that sank in the Arctic... And not long ago a true “double” and a replica of Luba the mammoth arrived to the museum.

The copy is so fine that only an experienced scientist can tell one from the other. Vladimir Suchok, restorer and sculptor from Saint Petersburg, is the person who “cloned” the world famous baby mammoth. Thanks to his skill, guests of the museum can watch the “celebrity” in detail and even see her strands of wool.

Initially, it was planned to display Lyuba at the exhibition Depth. But at the last minute, it was decided to put the baby mammoth at Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad exhibition hall where the original Lyuba from Yamal Peninsula was presented in 2014.   

About the mammoth
The original baby mammoth Lyuba was discovered on the Yamal Peninsula by reindeer breeder Yuri Khudi in 2007. The find was named after Yuri’s wife. Lyuba is specially important for science since she has been preserved much better than other found mammoths. It might be because the calf dropped behind her mother, fell into the river and drowned. The conditions were favourable for preservation of the body. After a 3D scanning scientists found out that the little one is 42 thousand years old but her biological age is one month only (some milk was found inside her stomach). 


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