100 views of Kyrgyzstan

The Museum of the World Ocean and the Travel Photographer Society present the exhibition titled Between the Sky and Issyk-Kul Lake: 100 Views of Kyrgyzstan.  Have you ever been to a country which 90% of surface is covered with mountains? Or to a country where over 40,000 large and small rivers begin? Or probably you were lucky to visit a country where almost all the geographical zones of the Northern Hemisphere can be found: glaciers, mountain forests, steppes, deserts, montane grasslands and shrublands, flood-meadows?

You would be surprised but this beauty of nature can be found in one place – Kyrgyzstan. Is it too far to go and not enough time? No problem. The Museum of the World Ocean presents a new exhibition project that can bring visitors to the shores of Issyk-Kul Lake, ravines and mountains. It is possible thanks to phorographs by Michael Flint and Vladimir Onopko, the members of the Travel Photographer Society. Through photography they show amazingly beautiful nature of Kyrgyzstan.