The City and Citizens

The Museum of the World Ocean invites residents and guests of Kaliningrad to have a walk along old Koenigsberg and get to know its citizens’ everyday life. From early June, the exhibition rooms at the Koenig Gate are transformed into a portal to the past. The three halls and the three stories combined as the exhibition The City and Citizens invite visitors to travel in time.

Guests are going to learn about the fathers and founders of Koenigsberg: from Přemysl Ottokar II and Duke Albrecht to Friedrich I, the first king of Prussia. The hall which is devoted to the city features artifacts of this old epoch. Here one can pick up and watch in detail bricks of the 13th – 14th century – there are footprints of people and animals on them. Who were they? What did they dream of?

Try to answer these questions and, probably, secrets of the medieval town are going to reveal from an unusual angle. A perspective box and an interesting film will show Koenigsberg that existed a century ago. Another hall is devoted to guests of the city. It was visited by tsars, military men, political figures, historians, writes and, of course, diplomats. Visitors will have an appointment with the five governors of East Prussia at the same time. Who are they?

Come and get to know. And the Apotheke of the Three Kings is the best venue to finish a walk. An apotheke (pharmacy) is an amazing place where scientific knowledge is concentrated. A pharmacy with a castle and a square was one of the elements of a cultural life of a European town. And we encourage you to learn more about it. Revealing pharmaceutical secrets one can become a witness of citizens’ life. Epidemics and minor indispositions, hygiene and even alchemic experiments together shape the history of a person, their birth, life and death.