Centre of Intellectual Entertainment


A new interactive exhibition has been opened at Maritime Koenigsberg Kaliningrad exhibition hall this September – The Centre of Intellectual Entertainment – which consists of moving objects and touchable exhibits. The objects located on special stands portray the history of mechanics: from a worm drive and a gyroscope to modern inventions such as a V6 engine. It is notable that all the objects are 3D printed. Or course, the organizers of the exhibition could not ignore Leonardo da Vinci, the genius of mechanics: guests can see several examples of his inventions. However, the most part of the pieces is devoted to Russian handymen and inventors who are often unreasonably forgotten. But the most important is that visitors can touch, spin and try all the exhibits. No doubt, it is so much fun both for adults and kids! The Tesla coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit, is available for experiments with plasma spheres and lamps.

The exhibition is on display till December 10, 2017.