Irbensky Lightship Needs Your Support



Hardly has the lightship Irbensky been moored at the museum quay, when her restoration and museumification began. 

The first exhibits have arrived during the vessel’s three-month mooring.
A steering wheel, a pilot cutter and the Fresnel lens took their position on the ship. An engine telegraph, a sonar, a chart table and other objects are being prepared for restoration. Moreover, a 400-kg fog bell, installed on the embankment opposite the Irbensky and considered to be one of the oldest bells in Kaliningrad region, is going to be moved on the boat soon.

But still a lot of work is to be done inside the lightship in the nearest future. The rooms and cabins will house new exhibitions and artifacts. So, the Museum of the World Ocean is looking for new exhibits and items for expositions to be and seeking for support among those who think the Irbensky means something to them and consider this lightship a symbol of the sea region. If you have got any items related to the sea or/and lightships the museum would be very much grateful for your donation or loan for temporary display. You support can breathe new life into the lightship Irbensky and you may proudly tell your kids and grandchildren about your personal contribution to preservation of maritime heritage. 





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