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Laboratories of The Planet Ocean

On January 22, the Museum of the World Ocean invites you to The Laboratories of The Planet Ocean exhibition. It is a unique opportunity to get to know the future expositions in the new museum building to be opened in 2018.

Exhibits correspond with the concept of the laboratories and show what visitors of The Planet Ocean can see and try there.

There are six laboratories planned in The Planet Ocean museum building.
The Earth Laboratory will tell about the history of our planet, its structure and the earth's crust formation. Here you can get to know about drift continents, oasises on the seabed, etc.

The Life Laboratory will present amazing encounters with sea inhabitants and the history of biopoiesis and evolution.

The Water Laboratory will reveal the secrets of this fascinating liquid and The Air Laboratory will help you to understand the processes both in hydrosphere and atmosphere.  

The Space Laboratory will answer the question whether there is life on Mars. Guests can visit exploratorium, see stars in the sky and make voyage through time.

The Beauty Laboratory will be a terminal station of the tour around The Planet Ocean. Here you will find various leisure elements: view terrace, art exhibitions, thalassotherapy, water sampling, etc.

That is how the new museum building will look like in several years. And at the present moment every guest can peep at half-open door at The Laboratories of the Planet Ocean exhibition to get know the future laboratories and other interesting new things.

Mammoths Are Coming

On December 5, Museum of the World Ocean and I. Shemanovsky Yamal-Nenets Area Museum and Exhibition Complex invite you to travel to the past and see how the world looked like when it was inhabited by giants.
Visitors can see a unique exhibit with its own story in Packgaus exhibition hall. It is well-known worldwide and now it is here – almost completely preserved baby mammoth in Museum of the World Ocean. It was found by Yuri Hoodi on the the Yamal Peninsula. The baby was named Lyuba. It was one month old when it died and has been buried in ice for 42 000 years. Nobody knows how the world used to look like in the ice age and every find of this period is so called “window to the past” that gives an opportunity to scientists to reconstruct life on the planet that existed thousands years ago. That is the idea of the exhibition project – to see mammoth steppe (steppe-tundra) inhabited by ancient animals with Lyuba’s, baby mammoth’s, eyes who was a witness of this epoch.
The virtual baby mammoth will introduce you to its family (mammoths, their way of life, anatomy, physiology, behavior, etc.); its neighbours (animals of the Pleistocene: a musk-ox, a wolverene, a wolf, a lemming, a woolly rhinoceros and a bison), their anatomy and behavior; as well with the environment of mammoth fauna. Such a dialogue between the baby mammoth and a visitor can demonstrate how people contacted with the world from the Stone Age till the present days.
Young visitors can play Around the World with Lyuba game. You can also join a unique project The World with Baby Mammoth’s Eyes. The exhibition is displayed in Packgaus exhibition hall on December 5, 2014, - March 29, 2015.

The Sea Inside Me by Vivi Navarro

Museum of the World Ocean invites citizens and guests of Kaliningrad to make a voyage. Starting from October 8, you can get acquainted with the sea by Vivi Navarro. French marine seascape artist shows her love to the sea in her pictures. You can see trawlers, cargo ships, sailing boats and... people on her canvases. Vivi took part in many voyages aboard various ships and made sketches and drew during her travels. She drew crew members’ portraits, rigging, memories about sea dangers and sometimes wrecks in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The commander of the French Navy awarded Vivi Navarro for her work. She was a guest on the Kruzenstern and the captain invited the artist to the voyage on the legendary sailing boat. Having come back she made new drawings in her workshop and then was aboard again, on the largest container ship ever named Marco Polo this time. She was to depict the maiden voyage from Zeebrugge to Shanghai!

Her works were displayed in many art galleries. In 2009, the artist was invited to the Musée de la Marine in Brest to present her sketches devoted to the Jeanne d’Arc. She was also invited to the Musée de la Marine in Paris in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009.

Now guests of Museum of the World Ocean can get to know the picturesque canvases by the French artist who owned that she’s got the sea inside her.

The exhibition is prepared in cooperation with the Baltic State Academy of Fishing Fleet.

Silicic Souls exhibition in Olszhtyn (Poland)

Silicic Souls exhibition by Oleg Kozhanov, Kaliningrad artist, was opened on September 5 in the Olsztyn Planetarium (Poland) within the cultural cooperation between Olsztyn Planetarium and Museum of the World Ocean.

The exhibition moves visitors a thousand years in the future and can change one’s mind about the reality. Mysterious future world was created by Alexey Kozhanov, Kaliningrad artist. Today the author is famous worldwide as a concept artist of Prometheus science fiction film by 20th  Century FOX.

Silicic Souls exhibition is something special, something that shows development of humankind from an unexpected angle. The images of this unbelievable World were created by combination of various digital techniques in such a way that they look like photographs made by the author. The works tell the legend about striking progress of the Humankind in areas linked to transformation of biological structures, about how artificial silicic souls are getting father and father from people but still keep dreaming on Miracle.

The exhibition consists of 21 original prints, 3D sketches, slides to watch in 3D glasses and two videos (a trailer for Prometheus movie and an abstract of a documentary about filming).

Mr. Jacek Szhubiakovsky, Director of the Olsztyn Planetarium, expressed his sincere gratitude for organizers of the exhibition and noted that joint projects between the cultural institutions are long-term and regular ones.

The exhibition works till December 5.

The Arctic Reveals Its World

Museum of the World Ocean invites you to the opening of a new exhibition on July 18 at 16:00. You will not stay indifferent after visiting this exhibition: about 150 photographs by authors worldwide will show amazing and unbelievable beauty of the Arctic. The works took part in the Global Arctic Awards International Photo Competition.
The competition was organized by true fans; authors dealing with north and arctic photography from 40 countries worldwide took part in the competition during two years.

The purpose of the project is to show the variety of life in the North and the Arctic, their history, culture, way of life and centuries-old traditions of native peoples, richness of animal world and environment as well as to draw attention to problems of the Arctic. The contest’s motto is “Photographers of the World are for the Clean Arctic!” Forty-two medals and twelve ribbons of international associations were awarded to participants. Worldwide famous professional photographers from Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Austria, Sweden and Great Britain were on the jury.

Sergey Anisimov, Yamal photographer, and the Government of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug were the organizers of the photo competition.  National Geographic was a general partner.  RGO, UNESCO, WWF, IFAW and many other companies were partners.

Global Arctic Awards International Photo Competition got accreditation in the following international photographic societies:
PSA-  (The Photographic Society of America)
UPI - (United Photographers International)
FIAP-  (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique')
RPS - (The Royal Photographic Society, Great Britain)

Works by professional photographers from 21 countries worldwide recognized as the best specialists are presented at the exhibition.

Sergey Anisimov is going to make a workshop and tell about photography in difficult conditions of the North.

You can have an opportunity to see the beauty of the Arctic as it is in real!


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