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Parade of Sails in Museum of the World cean


On June 8, Museum of the World Ocean and its guests celebrated the World Ocean Day together. This day small museum sailing boats took part in the action named 'A White Sail - a Clean Ocean' that was held in the waters of Historical Fleet Embankment. On June 14 and 15 yachtsmen from Kaliningrad oblast joined the action, their Ost-West yacht-club celebrates its 20th anniversary this June.

After the race for Ost-West Cup in the Kaliningrad Lagoon over 20 sailing beauties were moored at the new Marina quay located on the submarine’s ex-moorage. The double-deck bridge was lifted to let the boats go through in the night time on June 14-15. Citizens who were there by chance watched the sailing boats sliding on water and going under the rail bridge.

Next day visitors could enjoy a true parade of sails in the day time starting from 11:30. Polish yachtsmen took part in the action as well. They sailed along the Pregol river and supported the action 'A White Sail - a Clean Ocean' and one more time showed that love to the sea and to the ocean unites us and everyone is ready to contribute to their preservation.

Let’s save the Ocean together!


Minister of Culture Visits Museum of the World Ocean


On May 30, 2014 (Friday) Mr. Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, visited Museum of the World Ocean with the delegation of representatives of Russian Community of Military History Russian Government Organization within the official visit to Kaliningrad. Svetlana Sivkova, Director General of the museum, presented a new Naval Centre that consists of open-air naval technical exposition, the B-413 submarine and the Water Cube pavilion. The Centre opens in June, 2014.


Friedrichsburg Spring open-air concert

On May 25, 2014 Arkady Feldman and his orchestra gave an open-air concert at the Friedrichsburg Gate.  


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