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Визит губернатора Санкт-Петербурга Георгия Полтавченко

В пятницу, 20 июля, в Музей Мирового океана посетили губернатор Санкт-Петербурга Георгий Полтавченко и полномочный представитель президента по Северо-Западному Федеральному округу Александр Беглов. Если на палубы ледокола "Красин", являющегося филиалом ММО в Санкт-Петербурге, г-н Полтавченко уже поднимался, то в Калининграде это его первый визит в музей. Впервые на Набережной исторического флота побывал и г-н Беглов. Генеральный директор музея Светлана Сивкова познакомила гостей с самыми значимыми объектами и выставочными проектами: экспозицией "Глубина", НИС "Витязь", Военно-морским центром и выставкой "Мир путешествий" в выставочном корпусе "Пакгауз". Оба политика по достоинству оценили музейный комплекс и его динамичное развитие. На память о визите в единственный комплексный морской музей России Георгий Полтавченко и Александр Беглов получили каталоги, знакомящие с коллекцией судомоделей Музея Мирового океана. Надеемся, что проявленное гостями из Северной столицы внимание к музею поможет укрепить и расширить культурные связи с Санкт-Петербургом.

Paleontology is a very interesting science


Paleontology is a very interesting science since it is devoted both to creatures that used to live in the past and explanation of how the earth’s ecosystems and biosphere in general evolved. The better understanding of the past is, the more responsible the forecast of the future is. 

Those who were fond of dinosaurs, looked for shark teeth on the shore, worried about the baby mammoth who looked for a mom in their childhoodas well as those who would like to be aware of all the living beings’ fortune on the planet should meet Andrey Zhuravlyov, a paleontologist, researcher and author of popular science books, at his lectures on April 4 and 5 at 16.oo. Venue: Museum of the World Ocean.


Competition on the Best Video

Dear friends,
The Museum of the World Ocean announces competition on the best video, filmed at the museum expositions or on its territory. It can be any of our objects including the icebreaker Krassin, a museum branch in Saint Petersburg.

Tell about the exhibit that surprised you or event you participated, show what you liked most in the museum in a funny, interesting and entertaining way. If you witnessed a funny scene or observed something unusual at the museum then make a video and send it to our e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , subscribe us on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeLhD6r3Fk3AnYKmTwV8caA? iew_as=subscriber and watch your masterpieces.

An author of a video with the maximum views will be awarded with a gift – a weekend in the guest cabin of a legendary vessel Vityaz or icebreaker Krassin (according to your choice) and a pleasant surprise!

The competition lasts till the end of the year, so there is enough time to visit the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad as well as in Saint Petersburg and film a video that can make you famous. Come, observe, tell and film! The results will be summarized in December and the winners will be greeted by the whole museum team!

Meshchyora dugout joins the museum flotilla


A new boat has become a part of the museum flotilla – the Meshchyora dugout was donated to Ship’s Revival historical and cultural centre during a handover ceremony at the Friedrichsburg Gate on September 22.
The event was attended by museum employees, cadets and students as well as Alexey Artyukhin, head of Roshal Urban Okrug (Moscow Oblast), and Yuri Belousov, The Heart of Meshchyora project manager, general producer of Good Song international festival and deputy head of Roshal Urban Okrug, to meet the newcomer all together. By the way, it is thanks to Yuri Belousov the boat has arrived to the museum. The thing is that he was born in Kaliningrad but later moved to Moscow Oblast. In 2016, enthusiasts from The Heart of Meshchyora local history club in Roshal decided to revive the ancient Kupala rite – dugout race. The ethnographic research team led by Yuri Belousov met shipwrights who know the old secrets of making “the black boats”. By summer 2017, seven vessels were built by the traditional technique: six of them are going to take part in Meshchyora Race 2017 this September and the seventh boat has joined the museum flotilla in Kaliningrad devoted to traditional vessels from all over the world.


Opening of the Exhibition "Underwater Secrets. Titanica"

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