Museum of the World Ocean and Andy Warhol


The Museum of the World Ocean had launched a new exhibition next Monday. Are you surprised? How come, visitor service is halted but exhibitions are still opened. Luckily, modern technologies can help. This is how we show you the works by Andy Warhol, the famous artist who made the American dream came true, who used to say that creating money is art and work is art, too. And, finally, business success is the most interesting art! He said a well-known slogan: “…But you can't do things that you're not the type to do. It's a bad idea.” His first serigraphs featured dollars. But his later period reveals us a different artist who tried to draw attention to fauna problems.

The exhibition consists of 10 Andy Warhol’s serigraphs devoted to endangered specieshe created four years before his death in 1983. This series is among his most famouspop-art works. Each picture is a portrait of an animal presented in a way attracting audience’s attention to critical situation for certain species.

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Travelling along the Seas


Earlier this year the art collection of the Museum of the World Ocean was enlarged by works of People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Gennadii Sotskov (1925 – 2011). His widow Svetlana Sotskova handed 46 pictures over to the museum. A part of them became a core of the personal exhibition timed by the 95 th anniversary of the artist. All the canvases are united by one topic – Russia’s seas. Art works shape into a sort of a journey – a sea voyage encouraging you to enjoy the beauty of unique landscapes.

The exhibition featuring works in traditional Russian realistic landscape technique was launched at the Maritime Exhibition Centre (Svetlogorsk) on February 29. A special value of the canvases lies in the fact that being compiled together, they present a unique story about Russia’s seas: marine landscapes, shoreline panoramas, far-away frontier posts and meteorological stations. 

Gennadii Sotskov is probably the only Russian artist who managed to create so diverse “marine” pictures. And now citizens and guests of the region can see this unique collection.


Prussian Cat Week 2020


A “cat season” is coming at the Museum of the World Ocean. The Prussian Cat Week starts on February 29. For these seven days the gate will transform into the Cat Kingdom and diverse peculiar cats will be the main characters there. Plush, papier-mâché, plasticine and even burdock whiskered-stripedbuddies are going to capture every guest visiting the historical and cultural centre “The Grand Embassy”. But the most important is that you’re going to create cuties yourself. Everyone who is ready to unleash their creativity and make a purr-purr with their own hands automatically becomes a co-author of the public and most mimimimi exhibition of the museum.

Please, bring your kitties here: Koenig Gate, 112 Frunze Street. For any questions, please, call: +7 4012 58-12-72.

From February 19 to 27 we are collecting the following:

  •         one work per one author;
  •         up to 5 works per one children’s team.

Please, remember that on February 29 to March 14 guests of the Koenig Gate are going to vote for the best cats presented at the exhibition. Their authors will be awarded by sponsors of the Prussian Cat Week and the Museum of the World Ocean. 


You can support the construction of new housing


Dear friends! You can take part in construction of the new building of Museum of the World Ocean with your donation.


Read more: You can support the construction of new housing

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