Cousteau’s red hat and a flash mob at the Museum of the World Ocean


A closed museum and absence of visitors are not a reason to forget the important date. This year the genius French, the aqualung inventor and just a unique person, Jacques-Yves Cousteau would have turned 110 years old. Of course, we could not but celebrate this event, moreover, the R/V Vityaz connected Cousteauand the Museum of the World Ocean and hence Kaliningrad as well. The famous scientist visited the research vessel in 1967 and left his wishes and autograph in the book for guests of honor. The lines are displayed at the exhibition on board the vessel. Moreover, the museum keeps a booklet with Cousteau’s autograph taken by the museum employee Ludmila Gimbitskaya in 1994 and a diving mask with Cousteau’s autograph that belonged to Gleb Udintsev, famous Soviet oceanographer. He was lucky to meet the French researcher at the oceanographic congress in Mombasa (Kenya).

There are a lot of occasions to remember the famous explorer, so the museum staff decided to celebrate his birthday by organizing a funny flash mob. Here are the museum employees wearing red hats and standing by the wax figure of the famous oceanographer. This is the woolen knitted hat we see on Cousteau in all his documentaries about his submersions. It was his favourite headgear. He used to put it on right after he finished diving and appeared on the surface. Finally, the red hat became an integral part of both his wardrobe and image.

By the way, the hats were knitted by our museum administrator Tatiana Stefunyak just in one night thus providing her colleagues with necessary stuff and social media users with gifts. Everyone could surf in the museum instagram, facebook and vkontakte, have a quiz about Jacques-Yves Cousteau and win a red hat.

Short reference:
With no special education and academic degree, Cousteau became the first explorer of the World Ocean. His expeditions were to remind people about the beauty and riches of our vulnerable planet. He made an enormous scientific work and wanted to attract public attention to unique underwater world and its salvation.

In 1943, in order to explore the marine environment Cousteau and engineer Émile Gagnan upgraded diving gear. It was named “an underwater lung” or aqualung. Jacques-Yves also developed a small underwater vehicle Denise, known as “diving saucers”. 

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