2018 Friedrichsburg Seasons


This year the summer is hot in Kaliningrad. And it is not only because of the FIFA World Cup but it is the time for walking all night and the season of open-air events. They can be different but have got one common feature – they leave unforgettable impressions.
The Museum of the World Ocean starts the fourth Friedrichsburg Season. Music lovers are going to enjoy the Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra directed by Arkady Feldman. Musicians are performing a new music programme on July 13 at the territory of the Friedrichsburg Gate.
Citizens and guests of Kaliningrad will listen not only to music but the sea itself. That is the name of M. Chyurlyonis’s symphonic poem he created in 1907. The composer loved to be one-on-one with nature. Listening to its music he tried to convey eternal beauty and harmony of the world. And, admittedly, this is genius.
E. Grieg’s The Storm and Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade are also going to impress you. And, please, do not forget that the Friedrichsburg Seasons are the perfect reason to visit the Friedrichsburg Gate, walk on the old cobblestone road, watch the exposition and move into the atmosphere of the old European city which is ready to reveal its secrets and amaze you.

The Friedrichsburg Seasons Programme

July 13
M. Chyurlyonis. The Sea (symphonic poem)
E. Grieg. The Storm
Rimsky-Korsakov. Scheherazade and other

August 24
Concert programme The Melodies of Old Vienna. From Mozart to Strauss.

Welcome to the open air concerts at the Friedrichsburg Gate on July 13 and August 24 at 19:00.