Southeast Asia is Coming

If you have got no time to go to Southeast Asia then Southeast Asia can come to you. It is going to be hot at the Museum of the World Ocean this March.

On March 2, an exhibition titled The World of Adventure is opening at Packgaus exhibition hall. Over 100 ethnographic artifacts from the Maritime Exhibition Centre in Svetlogorsk (branch of the museum) will turn a former port storehouse into a paradise corner and create incredibly exotic atmosphere. It is this exhibition that can be your starting point for the most impressive and memorable trip around the museum attractions first, followed by the distant islands. The objects of art, religion and everyday life of the peoples of Indonesia, India, China, Thailand and Myanmar as well as artifacts from Africa are going to tell you an amazing story about the primitive tribes and high-developed civilizations. Here, next to the ivory Chinese emperor’s boat model Papuan’s art pieces are displayed. One can be astonished of filigree selection of shells in a necklace, fine-painted combat shields and beads-work of woven baskets. All these artifacts were collected by a German traveler Hubert Matysek, including those numerous displayed for the first time. Presenting the history and culture of the Gazelle Peninsula, Papua New Guinea, Timor, Kalimantan and other, they reveal a wonderful world that is so different from ours. Each sculpture, mask or spire brought from the other side of the world hides a secret that visitors are going to discover at the ethnic exhibition The World of Adventure. Nevertheless, it is just a small part of what is shown at the Maritime Exhibition Centre in Svetlogorsk. At Packgaus one can go by 3-meter Timor wooden panels. But a 14-cm and 200-g silver sculpture of Mañjuśrī bodhisattva demands closed attention. Enigmatic Egyptian sphinxes and a 150-kg Thai Emerald Buddha are going to be popular characters of social networks. A selfie with these sculptures at the background is a perfect Instagram post. And in Svetlogorsk one can see 4-meter bij poles and ritual kris daggers covered with legends and myths.

So traveling between Kaliningrad and Svetlogorsk one can suddenly decide to go for a big adventure. You never know but it might start at the Museum of the World Ocean!