290 Million Years Deep

The Museum of the World Ocean is working at one of the most unusual expositions. Residents and guests of Kaliningrad can visit a real salt grotto. It demanded 2.5 tons of salt slabs and took several months of work to miraculously turn an adjoining room of the exposition Depth into a grotto. It took two months alone to approve technical and design projects. The future grotto has already been prepared for slab mounting. Despite their great weight (each piece weighs 4 kg) slabs are quite fragile. So transportation of the precious cargo demanded great care.

The slabs came from the town of Berezniki where rock salt is mined commercially. However, there is one feature making this salt unique: its age. The slabs from Perm Krai are over 200,000,000 years old. Moreover, they were produced in the area where the Permian Sea used to splash. What kind of water area was this mysterious place? Why did it disappear? Who inhabited it? That what the exposition The Permian Sea. 290 Million Year Deep is about. Here you can find yourself at the bottom of the not deep, warm but non-existent Permian Sea and touch ancient salt (don’t lick it though). And reveal a secret of how the history of the Permian Sea is connected with Kaliningrad region. Nevertheless, you won’t only get a new piece of knowledge here. Medicinal properties of salt have been known for a long time. After the wall is coated with salt slabs (this is almost 34 m²), a new exposition will have got a health-improving effect. Visitors who often experience diseases of respiratory system will certainly feel it. Healthy air in the salt grotto will bring them a good effect.

Opening: March 22.