The Fire Fest at the Friedrichsburg Gate


There are quite a lot of places in Kaliningrad where one can get involved in the old culture and move to the hoary history from the 21 st century for at least a few hours. And the Museum of the World Ocean invites you to such a place. On January 14 2018, just on the Old New Year’s Eve, at 1 pm a traditional “Blacksmith’s Revival: the Fire and Craft Fest” is held at the Friedrichsburg Gate (39 Portovaya, Kaliningrad). We have got an exciting show planned for you. The fest expands at the whole territory of the old fort: winter plays, competitions and prize draws, songs and dancing, tours around the new expositions of the Firedrichsburg Gate and, of course, meeting Kaliningrad craftsmen: blacksmiths, carpenters and joiner.

Guests can get to know the revived old smithery techniques: for the first time in the century a souvenir will be created applying the forgotten smith’s welding work methods and authentic tools! Moreover, all the visitors can watch axe and spear throwing, archery as well as create exclusive souvenirs together with a blacksmith. Please, also enjoy a knight tournament and fire show. Hot and warm-up drinks, delicious cuisine, blacksmith show and jolly quizzes are going to lift every visitor’s spirit and bring them joy and happiness for the whole year!