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In early March, the Museum of the World Ocean and the Kaliningrad Branch of the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation with participation of the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation announced an open competition with an international participation for an architectural concept of reconstruction and further use of the old railway bridge at the territory of the Museum of the World Ocean as an integral part of the Science Park.
Soon, on June 6, the Jury starts summing up and on June 7 they are announcing the winners. By the present moment, over 10 projects have been submitted both from Russia and abroad. The results are going to be presented to the general public in early June – the works will be displayed at the main museum building in Kaliningrad.

Moreover, on June 6 at 4 pm at the Congress Hall it is possible to meet one of the participants of the competition – Ms. Stanislava Bošković, Director of the AS Office in Switzerland. The meeting is devoted to the projects submitted for the competition. We are sure, guests are interested in having a talk about development perspectives of cities with a practise architect from Europe. Probably, the conversation will result in new intriguing ideas which can be implemented in Kaliningrad.

1. Armin Mohsen Daneshgar. Director of Daneshgar Architects in Vienna, Austria; PhD Architecture, teacher at the TU Wien, leader of the Architecture Programme at the Webster Vienna Private University.
2. Vyacheslav Genne. Architecture Advisor to the Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast.
3. René van Zuuk.  Director of René van Zuuk Architects (Netherlands).
4. Irina Korob’ina. Russian observer of architecture, Candidate of Sciences, Member of the International Academy of Architecture, Honourable Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
5. Viktor Logvinov. Honoured Architect of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Member the International Academy of Architecture, President of the Union of Moscow Architects.
6. Svetlana Sivkova. Director General of the Museum of the World Ocean, Honoured Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Presidium Member of the Union of Russian Museums, President of the Maritime Heritage of Russia Association, Deputy Chairperson of the Interdepartmental Committee for Maritime Heritage of the Maritime Board under the Government of the Russian Federation, State Prize Winner.
7. Pyotr Chernenko. Chairperson of the Kaliningrad Branch of the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation. Member of the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation. Leading architect at the Nikor Proekt Bureau.

8. Andrei Chernikhov. Director of Andrey Chernikhov Architecture and Design Studio, founder of Iakov Chernikhov International Foundation (ICIF), founder of the prize for young architects (Challenge of the Time). Professor at the International Academy of Architecture (IAA), First Vice President of the International Academy of Architecture in Moscow, Member of the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation and the Union of Designers of the Russian Federation.

9. Vladimir Shukhov. Engineer, sculptor (Member of the Union of Moscow Artists), architecture historian. President of the Foundation for Preservation and Development of Science, Culture and Art.

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World Ocean Day 2019


June 8, World Ocean Day, is coming soon. And the Museum of the World Ocean traditionally holds the event A White Sail – the Clean Ocean this year.

All the museum vessels moored at the Historic Fleet Embankment will fly a white flag as a symbol of care of water resources and their purity. We  encourage your friends and partners — captains of research vessels, private yachts and cutters — to support the event since each white flag is a voice in favour of protection of the World Ocean.

This day volunteers are going to disseminate leaflets at the territory of the museum. A leaflet contains easy rules and tips to take care of the vast water areas and save them for the future generations. Engrossing and informative workshops will acquaint with the secrets of the deep-sea, also try 1000 And 1 Question About The Ocean quiz to test your knowledge of geography.

The day before the holiday, on June 7, the Museum of the World Ocean staff are going to clean the museum water area of the Pregol River. If you’d like, please, join us – you can clean any water pool or a coastline. Together we can save the World Ocean and make it clean!

Short information
Today there are several drifting garbage patches in the World Ocean. One of them is as big as Texas and larger than France. A patch consisting of millions of tons of garbage drifts between California, the Hawaii and Alaska and kills over one million seabirds as well as over one hundred thousand marine mammals annually. Each year over hundred million plastic goods are produced and 10% of them get into the World Ocean andb ecome a part of a garbage patch. According toscientists’ estimation, the present-day area of a garbage patch is over 1 million square metres and weight – over 3.5 million tons. In 2001, plastic island weighed sixfold more than zooplankton near it and this figure is constantly growing as well as the number of garbage patches.


A Tea Party with Mr. Karamzin


On Russia Day (June 12) at 1 pm it’s a tea party withMr. Karamzin at the Grand Embassy Historical and Cultural Centre (Koenig Gate).  

The project is financed by the President grant. Organizers: the Kaliningrad Regional Non-Governmental Foundation for Culture, the Museum of the World Ocean, the State Museum of Porcelain - the “Eighteenth-Century Estate Kuskovo” (Moscow) and the Kaliningrad Regional Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments.  
Young talented musicians are going to perform the music of N. Karamzin epoch at the festival – they are prize-
winners of regional, national and international competitions from S.V. Rakhmaninov Music College, children’s music schools and art schools.
Kaliningrad poets are presenting their poetic programme The City Through Centuries.   
The new exhibition A Tea Party with Mr. Karamzin will be opened at the Koenig Gate as well, featuring originalartifacts of the 18 th century and a dinner set (devoted to travel) specially created by the Imperial Porcelain Factory. 
At the exhibition setting, we will meet interesting people (from politics, business, art and science) and have a small smart talk and a cup of tea. This will turn the Koenig Gate into a debate club devoted to development of the city.


Getting Ready for the Jubilees

The next year the main museum exhibit – the legendary Vityaz – celebrates several jubilees at once: its own 80 th anniversary, the 70 th anniversary of the first research expedition, the 40 th anniversary of the final scientific voyage and the 25 th anniversary of the moorage at the Historic Fleet Embankment.

So many milestone anniversaries! It is a perfect reason to remember how the things started and take part in Give Memories! initiative. The Most impressive moments! The first impression! Interesting stories! And it is all about the museum and the legendary ship of science. Your photographs and intriguing stories will become a true history and… a book! Yes, they will, they will be a real book or a collection of stories and a photo album at the same time. Please, send your works – texts and pictures – via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

On World Oceans Day, June 8 2019, we will sum up! The 25 best authors will be awarded by the Museum of the World Ocean!


You can support the construction of new housing


Dear friends! You can take part in construction of the new building of Museum of the World Ocean with your donation.


Read more: You can support the construction of new housing

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