Herring ad gustum and by touch


Let’s go to the festival!
Perhaps, it is not possible to find more herring dishes in any cookery book than those being cooked in April at the Historic Fleet Embankment of the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad, Russia.

This year, the festival takes place on April 13 & 14 along with celebration of the jubilees of the legendary research vessel Vityaz since it is, after all, made a significant contribution to the complex study of fishing resources of the World Ocean.

It is the 14 th time when the museum territory is turned into a fish Mecca. Absolutely all the exhibitions will be
opened for visitors; concerts, competitions, exhibitions and lectures will be held this day as well. This year, the
number of foreign guests has enlarged with the team from Belorussia who is going to attend the festival along
with the traditional gastronomic headliners from Palanga and Vilnius. The local company “Za Rodinu!” (Russian: For the Motherland!) is going to present the largest and most delicious part of its fish products during Herring Day.

All the museum vessels will be opened for visitors as well, including the “boat of the hour” – the fishing trawler
SRT-129 which used to go on the first herring expeditions in the Atlantic Ocean from Kaliningrad about a half of a century ago. The permanent exhibitions of the trawler and the mooring wall will be “given” both to veterans of the fishing fleet and younger generation. Here, one can enjoy an old school Soviet-disco concert performed by students, listen to a lecture about herring and watch an exhibition of radio equipment and vinyl.
By the way, according to the production group’s idea, this year it is students who are responsible for the drive at the festival. Students from local universities and colleges are going to perform on the main stage near the Naval Centre and a stage in front of the Vityaz; as well, there will be interactive zones on the ship itself and also at the Main Museum Building (congress hall), Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad and, of course, on the Historic Fleet Embankment!

During opening of the festival – April 13, 12 PM, citizens and guests of Kaliningrad will get a special gift prepared by the Kaliningrad Regional Musical Theatre. But the most intriguing is that the legendary R/V Vityaz itself will transform into a stage: its mess room, bridge, engine room and medical room will become a place where short interludes are going to be performed and visitors can pretend as real participants of a research expedition. A caboose will become a culinary battle platform: visually challenged ship’s cooks (Sails of Spirit project) are going to compete with professional cooks.

On April 13, a band Nightcall is going to rock together with a choreography troop. Their joint programme will be an impressive final of the first day.

On April 14 (Sunday), everyone is welcome to watch a grand sports event: strong guys are going to compete moving diverse port objects – anchors, loaded barrels, etc. As well – a tournament for general audience named “Ready for labour and fishing!” will be organized for visitors. At 4 PM the band Nightcall will present their unique project: they are going to perform together with the brass band of the Naval Institute.  

Everybody is welcome to the Historic Fleet Embankment of the Museum of the World Ocean and its amazing
attractions on Herring Day, April 13 & 14.



Getting Ready for the Jubilees

The next year the main museum exhibit – the legendary Vityaz – celebrates several jubilees at once: its own 80 th anniversary, the 70 th anniversary of the first research expedition, the 40 th anniversary of the final scientific voyage and the 25 th anniversary of the moorage at the Historic Fleet Embankment.

So many milestone anniversaries! It is a perfect reason to remember how the things started and take part in Give Memories! initiative. The Most impressive moments! The first impression! Interesting stories! And it is all about the museum and the legendary ship of science. Your photographs and intriguing stories will become a true history and… a book! Yes, they will, they will be a real book or a collection of stories and a photo album at the same time. Please, send your works – texts and pictures – via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

On World Oceans Day, June 8 2019, we will sum up! The 25 best authors will be awarded by the Museum of the World Ocean!


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